Since 2015, John Bowers and Tim Shaw have been developing a creative practice they have come to call ‘mythogeosonics’.

Mythogeosonics works with an extended conception of field recording to incorporate such diverse practices as geophysical data sonification and paranormal investigation.

Alt text Mythogeosonics - Piksel, Østre, Bergen, Norway [Image: Zane Cerpina, PNEK, 2015]

Think of all the fields: radio, magnetic, electric, esoteric.

They cross between on-site investigation, installation-making, soundwalks, and an improvisatory performance practice combining soundscapes, documentary recordings, film, text, and process material using modular synthesizers, resonant found objects, DIY software and self-made instruments.

Alt text Mythogeosonics - Fullwell Sound Mirror, Sunderland, UK [Image: Tim Shaw, 2015]

Think of all the ways that the mythogeosonic can be heard, witnessed, appreciated and transformed.

Alt text Mythogeosonics - Spektrum, Berlin, Germany [Image: Tim Schnetgoeke, 2018]

Recent Mythogeosonics works by Shaw and Bowers have included:

We wrote about our Mythogeosonics investigations for the book Walking Bodies on Triarchy Press.

Alt text Mythogeosonics - Attenborugh Hall, Brighton, UK [Image: Agata Urbaniak, 2018]

Alt text Mythogeosonics - Access Space, Sheffield, UK [Image: Jon Harrison, 2015]