Sacrifical Floors


Sacrifical Floors was a collaborative tour with Dirty Electronics and Tetsuya Umeda.

A floor strewn with beer cans, bits of scrap metal, ceramic bowls, curious, miscellaneous electronics and wires: a collection of sundry things to make sound.

Alt text Sacrifical Floors Tour Flyer [Image: Dirty Electronics, 2018]

Tetsuya Umeda, Dirty Electronics and Tim Shaw create a series of performance-installations that embrace ‘working in public’. Objects and things are explored in situ, in time, in memory.

Alt text Sacrifical Floors Performance Installation at Centrala, Birmingham, UK [Image: Tim Shaw, 2018]

This collaboration focuses on performing in ‘each other spaces’; and how prototypic, extended electronic circuits and technological processes may intersect with materials and physical objects within a space.

Alt text Tetsuya Umeda and Dirty Electronics at the Fulwell Sound Mirror [Image: Tim Shaw, 2018]

Watch Sacraficial Floors on Vimeo

Alt text Tetsuya Umeda and Dirty Electronics at the Scrapyard in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, searching for materials [Image: Tim Shaw, 2018]

Performances took place at:

The tour was supported by Arts Council England.