In this installation, recordings of poems from the Newcastle Poetry Festival 2019 were appropriated to create a new, ever changing sound piece. Using a variety of algorithmic processes this sound work uses randomness and chance to navigate a large corpus of recorded poems.

Link to audio of Words Within Worlds

Drawing on the ‘cut up technique’ and sound poetry of Dadaism, the specially made system randomly choses snippets of recordings and places them spatially across 4 speakers installed within the arches of Newcastle University.

The system ‘randomly’ collages fragments of the poems together creating a non-linear composition. These methods result in a generative and unpredictable output, one which changes the relationship between source material and artistic action.

This piece was kindly supported by The Newcastle Poetry Festival and Culture Campus.

Word Within Worlds on Vimeo

The readers were:

Alt text Word Within Worlds - PureData Screen Shot [Image: Tim Shaw, 2019]

Alt text Word Within Worlds – The Arches, Newcastle University, UK