Bell Studies

  1. Bell Study i 22’ 52”
  2. Bell Study ii 20’ 29”
  3. Bell Study iii 23'32"

Released: 18 March 2020 on Bandcamp

During a residency at ARC in Switzerland in 2018 I recorded over 500 single hits of Swiss and German cow bells.

For Bell Study i, a granular synthesis engine choses 4 of the bell hits and plays them with different pitch and position intervals.

In Bell Study ii, a multi voice system randomly choses a bell hit, plays it, then choses another. Dense textures emerge throughout the piece as more voices are added to the composition.

Bell Study iii sends the bell hits from the disk of the local machine to different servers located at different place across the world. Rhythmic and temporal changes are dictated by the time that it takes for the recorded bell to get from one place to another and back again.

The bell collection belongs to Olivier Grandjean who runs the Maison de la Cloche.

These studies were used for a mix for a radio show on radio.syg.

Bell Studies on Bandcamp