Here There Is Mud

  1. Here There Is Mud 04:44

Released 1 June 2016 on Onoma Research (Digital)

JM Bowers and Tim Shaw

Lamma Island, or Pok Liu Chau, is the third largest island in Hong Kong. Here There Is Mud is composed of field recordings made there on the 20th and 21st May 2016. We hear the ferry to the island, the Kamikaze Caves where occupying Japanese troops hid boats filled with explosives in readiness for a quick launch direct at enemy ships in WW2, insect life, birds, a child crying, the Asiatic painted frog, and Hongkong Electric’s coal and gas fired power station. The island got its name in 1760 from Alexander Dalrymple, the first hydrographer of the British Admiralty, misreading ‘lama’, meaning mud, on a Portuguese chart as if it named the island rather than the character of its anchorage. Here There Is Mud accompanies Shaw and Bowers’ performance at Koan 2: The Middle Game, an event at The Globe Jazz Co-op in Newcastle on 27th May 2016 put together by Martin Donkin.

Here There Is Mud on Onoma Research Bandcamp