Ash and Wine

  1. heat, heat, gravity
  2. air, rotation
  3. air, gravity, heat
  4. magnified, melting
  5. rotation, air
  6. pitch, viscosity
  7. gravity, rotation
  8. melting, magnified

Released 31st January 2021 on Takuroku (Digital)

Recorded by Tim Shaw, Anne-F Jacques and Ryoko Akama

In Another Place is constructed from the sounds of found materials, domestic objects and self-made mechanisms. Working between Lucerne, Montreal and Huddersfield, we followed simple cues as instructional starting points, responding to a single word to create a sonic response within a specific time-frame. These prompts became starting points for materially engaged, sonic exploration. Each take was a dislocated, improvisation to no-one, confined to our private studios and homes, our headphones and recorders.

Sounds include recordings of ceramic hobs, seaweed, styrofoam, kitchen foil, balloons, resonant tubes, scrap metal, motors, water pumps, spark gaps, lightbulbs, water, wooden dowels and sand paper. The results were layered, re-situated and mixed by matching time-frames and timbre. In Another Place explores the musical potential of everyday materials through disconnection, interpretation and serendipity" - (Tim Shaw)

In Another Place at Cafe OTO’s Takuroku