Split Frequencies


Tim Shaw - Split Frequencies (2018)

Split Frequencies is a compilation of audio collected on my travels throughout 2018. The album consists of 15 of tracks made in Germany, Ireland, UK, Bosnia, Switzerland, Croatia, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Switzerland and France. I draw on traditional field recording techniques and technologies as well as more experimental and extended methods. Split Frequencies includes recordings made with spaced omnidirectional microphones, mid-side and quadriphonic arrays, piezo elements, electromagnetic receivers, transducer feedback and hydrophones. Some recordings were made on field trips with Chris Watson, John Bowers, Tess Denman-Cleaver, Jacek Smolicki and James Davoll.

All tracks are made from a single take with minimal audio processing and ‘top and tail’ editing.

This album is part of an annual gathering of field recordings. Each year I compile my favourite environmental sounds from the previous year and give them away for free via my Bandcamp. Anyone is welcome to download and use the recordings as they wish, with or without credit. I have been overwhelmed the generosity of some listeners from the last 3 years. Your donations have helped facilitate my ongoing field recording practice. Thank you.

You can also download them here via bandcamp

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